MBA INFORMATION MANAGEMENT - Thesis concept text chapter 1, 2, 3 and 5  (Dutch - only)                       

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H1 Research introduction and market information

H2 SelectionmModels and literature review

H3 Vraagstelling en definiering begrippen

4.x BIAS decision (english)

4.x Evaluationtools table (english)

5.1 Business case garantie NEW

5.2 Missie - Visie - strategie

5.3 Uitvoeringsvermogen

5.4 Functionaliteit

5.5 Interoperability

5.6 Technologie

5.7 Implementatieproces

5.8  Training

5.9 Documentatie

5.10 Service en Support  - NEW

5.11 Gebruikerservaring- User Experience

5.12 Kosten

7.5_7.10 Results Thesis onderzoekvragen - NEW

9.3 Literatuurlijst update 7 maart 2009


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