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News and Progress

2006-11-13/16 Survey hand out at Honeywell  EMEA user conference Sevilla Spain

2006-11-23 Survey hand out at Emerson Exchange Netherlands user conference

2006-11-09     Feedback form and Survey Questions cost, Decision technology and Involved people are added to this site.

2006-11-06    First Questions on Discussion page

2006-11-06     Working on Survey data list, this survey list will be at 10-11-2006 available in Excel format.

2007-04-17    first results ready for cost and Vendor evaluation from 16 end users

2007-05-21    Update site with review documents (literature) update links, Research proposal on the web

2007-06-11    Update research plan on the Web (see onderzoeksvoorstel).

2007-10-10    First results presentation at Emerson Exchange Netherlands

2007-11-03    Visit Honeywell User group

2007-12-30    Use of Rightchoice software for building DSS Model.

2008-01-15    Model (final phase) testrun at SABIC Netherlands

2008-01-30    Kickoff meeting AVR Netherlands for Model testrun

2009-04-15    chapter 3 on web.

2009-05-15    Paper in Dutch magazine Process control

2009-05-26 Presentation Process control Kennisdagen 26/27 mei in Ede

Presentation of the 2e part of the results presented at the Kennisdagen in Ede 26 and 27 may 2009

2009-06-07 Chapter 1 Online

2009-07-08 DCS implementation process on line.

2012-01-25    First discussion with Dutch publisher to write a book on this subject.



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