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Select a priority 1 = first choice and 8 is last choice.

primary evaluation criteria primary evaluation criteria, Description Importance % of total Most important at  (1 = high and 3 is low)
  Big list Short list final list
BusinessCase Vendor guarantees that proposed solution will give the needed results for the business case.           
Functionality Seamless integration between all control functions.        
Integrated support.
Industry-specific application templates and industry process flows.
Technology Easy to use, simple to maintain.        
Effective user interface.
Easy to integrate.
Interoperability To other systems outside the DCS        
Implementation process Quick implementation focus        
The user should choose a DCS vendor that uses experienced engineers, consultants, project management and a proven method to ensure quick implementation.
Service and Support Post-purchase support. Users should favor vendors that provide superior post-purchase user services such as responsive phone support, quality documentation (online and printed), online user-group discussions and web sites with diagnostic applications.        
Low-hassle life cycle management. Users should choose vendors with a track record of providing timely, easy-to-install upgrades with reasonable additions of new functionality and few “bugs.
Training Training of operators, maintanaince and Engineers given by vendor        
Documentation All standard and custom documentation (paper and Online) of the project and it interconnections.        
Viability Strategy, Strong financials, marketing and good management. Vendors that rate high in viability have plenty of cash to spend on R&D and sales and marketing.. Rapid growth        
Vision Future market focus.        
To be truly visionary, a vendor has to tie together all the characteristics of the industry needs. The vendor evaluations model and integrate the criteria into an achievable, cohesive, targeted and focused business plan with a palatable message.
  Barrier to Exit cost        
Initial Cost Initial costs include customization and consulting, education and training, managing the        
implementation of the product into the business, hardware, networking, communications and
software (comprising the application package, database, systems software, network management
and other software needed to run the product). Users also need to gain an appreciation for the process changes that must occur up front to make the system work.
Ongoing costs  Ongoing costs include custom enhancements, education and training, maintenance payments,        
services and upgrades.
Barrier to Exit cost Barrier to Exit cost or switching cost, to a new technology after that the lifetime of this project and product.        
User experience Have many excellent user references        
Sum - Total Sum Should be 100% 0      



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