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To partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Master of Business Administration in Information Management at Newport Business Academy and Newport International University, I  (Willem D. Hazenberg)  decided to work out a research proposal with the title: I graduated in October 2009 for my MBA and will use this site for a future PhD research project.

Selection and decision-making criteria for a Distributed Control Systems in the process industry”.




The project framework

For the control of the chemical processes in the process industry Distributed Control systems (DCS) are applied. These systems is the brain within these factories. The choice of DCS for a concern is a matter of strategic importance.

High demands are made to the availability of a DCS and if the concern made a choice, she is committed to it for a lengthy time. Replacing a DCS is a very valuable matter because of the arisen production loss at a reconstruction for example. The service costs of a DCS could be a multiple amount of the initial investment during the life span.

The process industry in the world for approximately spends 65.032 billion dollar (2006) per year at the top 50 suppliers on process control systems (included DCS). 


Define the core selection criteria and their priorities for the purchase of a Distributed Control system (DCS) in the chemical industry and a design a decision-making model so that the decision-making for new systems more balanced more consequent and faster can be carried out.

The goals of this research is

The improvement of model-based consideration concerning a selection of a new distributed control system (DCS), by making an analysis of selected criteria within the “chemical” industry to choose a DCS and to establish an investment/ selection model with these insights/ ideas.

So that future investment can be bought faster and the decision-making will be more transparent.

The areas of the study

Contact info:


Ing. Willem D. Hazenberg MBA Eur Ing RI

Tjalk 14 9606 RD Kropswolde The Netherlands

Thesis Professor was Prof. Jean-Pierre Lindebrings MBA DBA

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Please Join LinkedIn the group page DCS Selection:  http://www.linkedin.com/e/gis/142172 , this also the place were I will post notifications about all updates

Members of the Advisory counsel

Drs. Ing. Piet Drijfhout                    Manager Maintenance Excellence Salt Akzo Nobel Base Chemicals

Jan Schokkenbroek                        Hoofd Inkoop Stork BU N/O voormalig Hoofd Inkoop Akzo Nobel SU Delfzijl

Ing. Bert Gaster MSc                      Manager Engineering Stork Industry Services BU Delfzijl

Prof Ir. Henk Leegwater                   Prof. Eindhoven University of Technology Chemical Engineering and Chemistry - Process and Product Design (Post Masters Course)

Mevr. Liesbeth Ruoff-van Welzen    LRWA IT investeringsadvies, voormalig directeur van IDC Benelux

Larry O’Brien                                 Research Director, Process Automation ARC Advisory Group USA 

Jim Pinto                                         Writer, Author, Futurist, Speaker, Angel investor USA







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